Fabricators, Inc.

Inspired by our surroundings

The Florida Keys offers some of nature's most beautiful scenery. The gorgeous aqua waters, the colorful coral reef, and marine life in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Lynwood Silar, owner of Fabricators, Inc., draws inspriation from all the beauty that surrounds him in the Lower Keys. Having worked in the sheet metal industry for over 45 years, it has only been since living in the Keys that Lynwood started exploring the more artistic aspects of his trade. He has found that he can incorporate metal sculpture into standard applications and bring a whole new life to every day objects like gates, railings, and staircases.

Transplanted from Pennsylvania

Lynwood began his sheet metal career in his home state of Pennsylvania and opened a business with his wife Susan. The couple had much success with thier business in Hellam and York Pennsylvania. But they always longed for a change of scenery, spending their downtime with their family at the beaches of Delaware. About 25 years ago they traveled to the Florida Keys with friends and thier hearts were stolen by the beauty and serenity of the area. Initially they purchased a vacation home which later became their permanent residence. They had realized their dream and moved to the Keys. Lynwood immediately opened up Fabricators, Inc., a local sheet metal shop that took on any project sent their way. Now Fabricators, Inc. is the most referred sheet metal business in the Lower Keys. If you live in the Lower Keys you may have even seen one of their Aqua Easy Dock Ladders in a canal or on a boat near you.

Reputation is the key to success

Arrention to every detail and complete customer satisfaction has been the key to a solid reputation in the Lower Keys. Located on Big Pine Key, Fabricators draws new customers every day, but not because of any large marketing campaigns or big investments in advertising, new customers come to Fabricators by word of mouth, through the testimonials of current customers. Add to that the unique offerings that Fabricators provide and you have a winning formula for success.