Customization Options

Design & Fabrication

We want your design to reflect your taste and personality. So every consultation starts with finding out exactly what you want. You may want something similar to other projects we have completed but with your own unique twist. That is exactly the types of projects we prefer because we consider every custom design to be a unique piece of art made just for you. Even if you only have a general idea of what you would like to have we can take that foundation and come up with your own custom design. We gather dimensions and go to work preparing your design and proposal. Once your design is approved by you we set it up to be custom cut with our computerized equipment then assembled and welded by our staff.


More traditional works like railings, gates, etc... must be custom tailored to your application. But even with our art pieces you have the option of having us design your art piece to fit your area for display. We have created items as small as 4 inches and as large as you any of the items you have seen on this site. Do not hesitate to ask for us to produce something in a particular size, we will provide a custom estimate for your individual project.


As you may have noticed while veiwing our galleries, some of our items are shown in raw metal, dip coating (solid color), or custom paint. For most projects you can have your items completed in raw metal or dip coated. Custom painting is performed by a separate company which we can recommend, but custom painting is not included in the price, you would negotiate that pricing separately with the service provider you choose.